About Adrian

Becoming a Civil Funeral Celebrant was a natural, logical step for me. Over the years, I have been closely and personally involved with the content, detail, music, structure and organisation of a wide range of funeral occasions, committals, celebrations of life and other ceremonies and events, both for my own family and for others.

Also, as an experienced professional communicator, writer and presenter, I will listen and seek to understand and respect the very personal, individual wishes and beliefs of the bereaved family. Only then, together, can we devise and develop a unique occasion which celebrates life in a way that is appropriate, sensitive, dignified and memorable.

Throughout my life, both personal and professional, I have been involved with people and associated with helping and supporting others. To the wide and diverse circle of people who know me already, I am a person they can and do turn to in difficult circumstances. Those include the most challenging times – of loss and bereavement.